“ e v i l  w i t h  a  h i n t  o f  c r u e l t y ”

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Sidewinder Management Ltd is an artist management company with over thirty years’ experience managing a broad range of bands and solo artists. Taking care of the business side is what we do including planning live performances and tours, negotiating record and publishing deals, advertising, syncs, song writing, recording, promotion through various media and every other facet of the modern music business. We also like to think we provide our clients with moral support, career advice and maybe even a tiny bit of friendship as well, although the last part is entirely optional of course.

We have been managing bands since 1987 when the company was called Cinepop Management Ltd and since that time our clients have included; Westworld, Transvision Vamp, Peter Murphy, The Candyskins, The Dylans, Grayson Hugh, Die Cheerleader, Jam and Spoon, La Bouche, Maxx, Paul Carrack, Made in London, Naimee Coleman, Radiator, Moa, Tony Mortimer, Emma Shaplin, Belinda Carlisle, The Human League, Fun Lovin' Criminals, Sinead O'Connor, xPropaganda, Altered Images and many others.

Sidewinder Management Ltd is owned by Simon Watson, who has been in the music industry since shortly after his sixteenth birthday in the mid seventeenth century. First as a FOH sound engineer, then as a production or tour manager and finally as a manager and so far his pact with Satan appears to be holding. Well sort of.